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New Opportunities for Music Industries



For over twenty years KEYFAX NewMedia has waged a global war on customer confusion and customer apathy; helping partners as varied as Yamaha, Zuora, Universal Audio, Steinberg, Alan Parsons, EastWest and dozens more define and grow loyal customer bases in the music market.


Our work with these companies comprised video production, product launches, managed upgrade sales, training events and programs, software and hardware UI consultancy, surveys and market research.


All of these fed into our core belief in Customer Empowerment. We believe that customers who are better informed and better treated will remain loyal customers and will talk! Especially in the arts and especially in music.


So now we’re turning things the other way around.


Announcing KEYFAX NewMedia & Associates.


KEYFAX NewMedia & Associates is offering both turnkey and a-la-carte solutions to help music companies build customer success; everything from a simple research initiative to a live event anywhere in the world.


* UX Consultancy
* Event Architecture


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